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Example Applications

iScheme has been used to develop non-trivial distributed iPhone applications.

AmbiScrabble Game for the iPhone

How the game works

AmbiScrabble is a digital version of a scrabble-like game where players work collaboratively with their iPhones to form words. The screen shot below shows the AmbiScrabble application on the iPhone. The game works as follows: Players are organised in teams and each player has a rack of letters. Letters are consumed by forming valid English words. The team that first consumes all its letters wins. Players belonging to the same team can exchange letters among themselves.

Game design and implementation

The AmbiScrabble game has been designed in a peer-to-peer fashion without assuming a centralised server to coordinate the game. It is also fault-tolerant such that player failures do not hamper the game progress. These design choices are primarily motivated by the fact that the game runs on iPhones equipped with wireless technology. Connectivity using such a technology is often characterised by frequent network disconnections either as because of limited connectivity or users may continuously move about.

We implement the game logic and distribution concerns of the AmbiScrabble application in iScheme, while the graphical user interface (GUI) is implemented in Objective-C using the Cocoa framework.


The videos below demo the AmbiScrabble game application running on the iPhone emulators. In the demos we use three iPhones (2 emulators and 1 iPhone device). The recording only shows the emulators but the interactions involve the three devices.


Nick De Cooman for undertaking the AmbiScrabble project (under supervision of Engineer Bainomugisha and Elisa Gonzalez Boix) to validate the Scheme and Objective-C symbiosis

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