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**On display** at ECOOP 2006 **On display** at ECOOP 2006
{{research:jorgeecoop06.pdf|Download}} {{research:jorgeecoop06.pdf|Download}}
 +=== Group Communication Abstractions for Distributed Reactive Systems ===
 +//[[:People#Andoni Lombide Carreton|Andoni Lombide Carreton]]//
 +{{research:posters:reactivegroupcommunication.jpg?180x120 }}
 +**Abstract** Pervasive computing in mobile ad hoc networks requires that applications react to a plethora of events fired by other devices in the mobile ad hoc network. Current context-aware and event-driven architectures require the programmer to react to these events via a carefully crafted network of observers and event handlers, around which the whole application is structured. The object oriented, distributed and concurrent language AmbientTalk offers Reactive Programming as an alternative paradigm to be able to write such pervasive applications while retaining a conventional programming style. However, due to the asynchronous communication between remote objects, event handlers are still required to capture and process results computed in parallel. We show that, by exploiting the Reactive Programming mechanisms and the first class messages offered by AmbientTalk, it is possible to implement group communication abstractions that allow connecting asynchronous group communication with Reactive Programming without resorting to event handlers.
 +**On display** at ECOOP 2008
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