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The concept

Guanotes application allows flockrs to post notes, called guanotes, to the ambient ( i.e any device available in the surroundings ranging from other flockr device to devices installed on public places such as KK). This is a concept similar to Stickies application in Mac but guanotes can hop from one device to another.

Flockrs can thus discover other flockrs guanotes, store them and exchange them later with other flockrs such that guanotes can be percolated through the entire Urbiflock.

Flockrs can also subscribe to a particular type of guanotes such that they are automatically notified whenever they meet a flockr carrying guanotes of that particular type.

Another idea is that flockrs can stop the percolation of guanotes. For example, if a flockr detects that a spam guanote or a guanote with unapropiate content, it could stop its propagation.


To implement Guanotes, we are going to reuse the concepts developed by TOTA in combination with the RETE engine we built for the proximities.

From TOTA, the interface for a Guanote may look like:

def decidePropagation() -> boolean
def doAction ();
def changeTupleContent() -> tuple
def decideStore () -> boolean

and the interface for the application itself:

def subscribe (Tuple template, String reaction) 
  -> subscription object where you can unsubscribe
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