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  • Profiles: each flockr has a profile. There is a minimal set of properties that are present in each profile (such that proximities (e.g. a “doesProfileMatch” proximity) can be defined based on these properties).
  • Profile Dude: manages the profiles. Is responsible of propagating “changed events” to the other “reachable” flockrs.
  • Changed events: when a flockr modifies his profile, the Profile Dude broadcasts a change event to all other flockrs. In reaction to these events, all connected flockrs should re-evaluate their proximities such that the flocks can reflect the change in the profile.
  • Caching: Each flockr keeps a cached profile of the other flockrs such that the profile can be consulted offline. When a flockr is connected for which there is a cached profile, he should propagate the necessary changed events to make sure that both the cached profile and the flocks of the other flockrs are updated.
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