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  • When creating a new flock, urbiflock crashes when trying to add a matching profile constraint on birthdates in conjunction with a < or > operator.
  • AT version 2.13 (development) using urbiflock gui → Create a MaleFriendsFlock with “IsFriend” and “ == male” doesn’t work properly (updates are not displayed on the Gui) but if you create it like “ == male” and “IsFriend” it works fine.

Features TODO

  • The flock editor should enforce that all flock names end with the “Flock” suffix.
  • We should add support for ‘group flocks’ which are a conjunction of the NearbyFlock and have a matching profile constraint of the form “group IS-IN user.profile.groups”
  • Make it possible for friends to post messages on a flockr’s “wall”. The flockr can remove messages from its own wall.

Features: To think about

  • Persistence: saving/loading framework and application data and prefs.
  • Privacy: restrict access of applications to a user’s flocks
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