Tool Presentations and Demos

Below you can find an overview of the tool presentations and demos that will be presented at ASE 2010. Please note that ASE 2010 provides other opportunities to make your attendance even more inspiring and productive !

If you are a presenter then please read the Guidelines for presenters

The full program can be consulted online in the Program section of this website. The tool presentation and demo sessions are organized on:


Session TP1: Tool Presentations and Demos
wednesday 22 September 2010
(Guidelines for presenters)

JCCD: A Flexible and Extensible API for Implementing Custom Code Clone Detectors
by Benjamin Biegel and Stephan Diehl

PeerUnit: A Framework for Testing Peer-to-Peer Systems
by João Eugenio Marynowski, Eduardo Cunha de Almeida, Gerson Sunye and Patrick Valduriez

Reconfigurable Run-Time Support for Distributed Service Component Architectures
by Rémi Mélisson , Philippe Merle, Daniel Romero , Romain Rouvoy and Lionel Seinturier

MoDisco: A Generic And Extensible Framework For Model Driven Reverse Engineering
by Hugo Brunelière , Jordi Cabot , Frédéric Jouault and Frédéric Madiot

Tool Support for Continuous Maintenance of State Machine Models in Program Code
by Moritz Balz , Michael Striewe and Michael Goedicke

Reac2o: A Runtime for Enterprise System Models
by Cameron Hine, Jean-Guy Schneider and Steve Versteeg

Symbolic Pathfinder: Symbolic Execution of Java Bytecode
by Corina Pasareanu and Neha Rungta

Enumeration Refactoring: Automatically Converting Java Constants to Enumerated Types
by Raffi Khatchadourian and Benjamin Muskalla
Session TP2: Tool Presentations and Demos
thursday 23 September 2010
(Guidelines for presenters)

RuMoR: Monitoring and Recovery for BPEL Applications
by Jocelyn Simmonds and Marsha Chechik

Model/Analyzer: A Tool for Detecting, Visualizing and Fixing Design Errors in UML
by Alexander Reder and Alexander Egyed

CoGenTe: A Tool for Code Generator Testing
by A. C. Rajeev, Prahladavaradan Sampath, K. C. Shashidhar and S Ramesh

Impendulo: Debugging the Programmer
by Willem Visser and Jaco Geldenhuys

SpecDiff: Debugging Formal Specifications
by Zhenchang Xing , Jun Sun , Yang Liu and Jin Song Dong

Deriving Behavior of Multi-User Processes From Interactive Requirements Validation
by Gregor Gabrysiak, Holger Giese and Andreas Seibel

Tool Support for Code Generation from a UMLsec Property
by Lionel Montrieux, Jan Jürjens, Charles B. Haley, Yijun Yu , Pierre-Yves Schobbens and Hubert Toussaint

PlayGo: Towards a Comprehensive Tool for Scenario Based Programming
by David Harel , Shahar Maoz , Smadar Szekely and Daniel Barkan

REMES Tool-chain: A Set of Integrated Tools for Behavior Modeling and Analysis of Embedded Systems
by Dinko Ivanov, Marin Orlić, Cristina Seceleanu and Aneta Vulgarakis

C2O: A Tool for Guided Decision-Making
by Alexander Nöhrer and Alexander Egyed
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