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 +====== EVOL workshops ======
 +As indicated by the name IWPSE-EVOL 2009, this event is the result of combining two existing workshops that focus on software evolution.  Below we briefly present the EVOL series of workshops.
 +== Previous editions ==
 +  * [[http://evol08.inria.fr/|2008, L'Aquila, Italy]]
 +  * [[http://w3.umh.ac.be/evol/events/evol2007.html|2007, Paris, France]]
 +  * [[http://w3.umh.ac.be/evol/events/evol2006.html|2006, Lille, France]]
 +  * [[http://w3.umh.ac.be/evol/events/evol2005.html|2005, Berne, Switzerland]]
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