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 +====== Anniversary Talk by Takuya Katayama ======
 +|  {{media:images:katuyakatayama.jpeg?100}}  |**
 +Takuya Katayama** \\ Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology \\ [[http://www.jaist.ac.jp/profiles/info_e.php?syokumei=1|website]] | 
 +===== Learning Lessons from the Past - How IWPSE has started, and Where we should go =====
 +IWPSE was born in a project which has started 10 years ago, supported by Japanese government, and involved most of representative researchers on software in Japan for studying how to build evolvable software. IWPSE served as a window of the project to the international software engineering community, though, of course, it was a completely international workshop and most of the participants were from outside of the project. In this talk, after summarizing and evaluating it briefly, some, probably biased, historical and perspective view of software evolution research is given, taking materials from IWPSE and other sources. Lastly, some research directions will be given which will open new areas in the research and practice of software evolution.
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