Here is a list of publications related to the MobiCraNT project.

  • Lombide Carreton, A., Pinte, K. and De Meuter, W. (2011), Software abstractions for mobile RFID-enabled applications. Softw: Pract. Exper.. doi: 10.1002/spe.1114
  • B. Dumas, B. Signer, and D. Lalanne. A Graphical UIDL Editor for Multimodal Interaction Design Based on SMUIML. In Proceedings of UIDL 2011, Workshop on Software Support for User Interface Description Language, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2011.
  • L. Hoste, B. Dumas, and B. Signer. Mudra: a Unified Multimodal Interaction Framework. In Proceedings of ICMI 2011, 13th International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces, pages 97–104, Alicante, Spain, November 2011.
  • L. Hoste, B. Dumas, and B. Signer. SpeeG: A Multimodal Speech- and Gesture- based Text Input Solution. In Proceedings of AVI 2012, 11th International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Capri, Italy, May 2012.
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