Executive Summary

Today’s mobile applications typically run on PDAs and follow a client-server strategy. Moreover, they rely on traditional user interfaces such as keyboard, stylus or touchscreen. But this landscape is changing swiftly.

- On the one hand, we see the advent of Smartphones and tablet PCs that feature various types of sensors (temperature, accelerometers,…), RFID-readers and GPS-chips. This evolution blurs the distinction between clients and servers of information: the mobile device becomes a server of information as well.

- On the other hand, we see the rise of new types of interation such as speech, digital pen and paper, gestures and so on. This turns the mobile application of tomorrow into a so-called cross-media application.

These observations lead us to conclude that we are entering an era of mobile cross-media applications. The goal of the MobiCraNT project is to come up with new software engineering practices that will help the construction of such applications.

Project Funding

Mobicrant is a Strategic Platforms project funded by InnovIris. It focusses on the development of Mobile Computing Applications.

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