Vote on Presentation and Discussion Time

At RACES’12, we want you, the attendees, to have the opportunity to choose how your time is spent. See the Call for Participation for an explanation.

Below, you will find each submission, the program committee’s reviews, and a default time allocation based on those reviews (the allocation includes both presentation and discussion time). In addition, there are additional time slots proposed for general discussion. Please vote by adjusting the sliders to indicate the allocation that you feel would maximize your return on the time you will be spending in the workshop. When the sliders are set to your satisfaction, please hit the Submit Vote button at the bottom of the page.

We plan to start with a brief introduction during which each attendee will concisely introduce him- or herself: name, institution, and one sentence about position or interest. If it garners sufficient votes, we’ll also include an introductory lightning session in which each presenter will present a strictly limited 30-second sneak preview (cf. CHI “Madness”).

If you will be attending our workshop, please help shape it to best serve you — vote today! Questions?

Thank you,

David Ungar and the RACES’12 organizers.