The Agora Programming Language


Last revision: December 20th, 1997

This page is not being maintained anymore and may be outdated.


Agora is a reflective prototype-based object-oriented programming language that is entirely (and solely!) based on message passing. Message passing is considered as one of the fundamental characteristics of object-oriented programming languages. It lies at the heart of late-binding polymorphism which is the key feature that makes incremental modification of programs possible. However, prototype-based languages often go beyond message passing. Deep down in their implementation, many things such as delegation, encapsulation, cloning and object concatenation can be found as explicit operations on objects. By making such languages reflective, these implementation operators also become visible to the programmer. As such, the programmer can easily bypass the message passing paradigm just by 'going meta'. Also, very often, these operators are an explicit feature in the language, even when reflection is not a language feature. We claim that these explicit operators on objects is the source of encapsulation problems, over-flexibility and the reason why it is so difficult to make abstractions in (reflective) prototype-based languages. We therefore designed Agora as a prototype-based object-oriented programming language whose only operation on objects is message passing. Agora shows that even within these limits, it is possible to build a full-fledged object-oriented language that features inheritance, cloning and reflective operators. The idea is that an object is fully encapsulated and can only be subject to message passing. But seen from the inside of the object, the object knows all about it's own structures. It is therefore perfectly capable of cloning and extending itself. This is accomplished by special methods we call cloning methods and mixin-methods.

Ongoing work

Currently, we are finalizing Agora98, an implementation of Agora in Java. Agora98 allows full access to all Java API's and allows applets to be created from within Agora98. From the language point of view, Agora98 is a considerable simplification of previous versions of Agora.



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