Dr. Patrick Steyaert, Wim Codenie, Koen De Hondt and Prof. Dr. Theo D'Hondt
Last revision: August 7th, 1996


Agora94 is the first 'official version' of Agora. It was entirely written in Visualworks Smalltalk. Agora94 is an instantiation of the Agora framework, which is an object-oriented framework for interpreting object-oriented programming languages. The framework is fully discussed in Dr. Patrick Steyaert's PhD. thesis, but the identifiers used in the implementation don't always correspond to the ones used in the thesis.
Agora94 can still be FTP'd. It has the advantage of having a full symbiosis with Smalltalk, which means that Agora94 objects and Smalltalk objects can freely travel from one language to the other one. In fact, in Agora94, there is no such thing as 'primitive objects'. When an identifier cannot be found in the Agora94 name spaces, it is automatically looked for in Smalltalk and made accessable in Agora94.