Koen De Hondt
Last revision: August 7th, 1996

Agora94 User Guide - General


Copyright 1994 Programming Technology Lab, Free University of Brussels. This guide and the software described in it are copyrighted with all rights reserved.


ObjectWorks and VisualWorks are trademarks of ParcPlace Systems, Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.


The Agora Group members are very busy persons. As a consequence they cannot spend much time maintaining and helping you use the software. Send support inquiries, problem descriptions and useful suggestions through e-mail to:
or in writing to:
	The Agora Group
	Programming Technology Lab
	Brussels Free University
	Pleinlaan 2
	B-1050 Brussels

About This Guide

Welcome to Agora! When you have installed the Agora software you will be able to experiment with programming in Agora. In the remainder the abbreviation PROG will be used to denote the Programming Technology Lab.