Koen De Hondt
Last revision: August 7th, 1996

Agora94 User Guide - Getting Started

This chapter describes how to install the Agora system.

Installing the software

Follow these steps to install the Agora system:

  1. Create a directory called agora on your hard disk.

  2. Copy the directory agora94 directory, as found on PROG's FTP-site, into the agora directory.

  3. Put a copy of the Smalltalk image, as found on the VisualWorks distribution disks, in the agora directory.

    Open that image.

  4. Using the Smalltalk launcher, open the preferences window and set the user interface look to be the default look. Never set the background of the windows to white because that color is used to mark errors in Agora text windows!

    Use the installation workspace to set up the SourceFileManager default files (source and changes files) correctly and set the default TextAttributes to #small. This gives the best results in the Agora dialog windows.

  5. Using the Smalltalk launcher, open a file list window and open the agora94 directory.

  6. Select the file agora.st and choose file in from the <operate> menu. This file contains code needed to file in the whole Agora system. The transcript window displays the classes that are being filed in.

  7. If, for some reason, the directory with the file outs can not be found, a file selection dialog (see figure 1) is put on the screen. Locate the agora94 directory and open the enclosed directory fileouts. Then press the Select This Folder button.

    Figure 1: File selection dialog

  8. All the files are being filed in now, as can be seen in the transcript window. The filing in process takes time, because about 250 classes are being defined. It is possible that the transcript window logs errors like '<name> is undeclared' or 'initialization failed due to <error>'. These errors should be ignored.

  9. When the filing in has finished successfully, the transcript window shows an according message and the user is asked to place the Agora launcher window on the screen.

    Figure 2: Agora launcher

  10. Using the Smalltalk launcher, save the image.

Extensions to improve the system

If you have a Postscript printer connected to your computer, file in the file Printing.st on the VisualWorks distribution disks to improve hard copies of your Agora programs. If you use a Macintosh computer, file in the file MacExtra.st on the VisualWorks distribution disks. This file contains the SoundManager class. When this class is available the Agora system uses different sounds for different purposes.