Workshop on Secure Cloud and Reactive Internet Programming Technology

When and where?
The workshop will take place 12 to 13th of November 2013. On the first day, we will be at ICAB in the Madera room on the 1st floor, which is in walking distance from the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium. On the second day, we will be directly on the VUB campus in room D2.01.

Theme and Goal of the Workshop
With the advent of JavaScript as a mature and powerful programming language running in the web browser, the web has changed for good from a mere document delivery service to a true distributed computing platform. Scripts now regularly use asynchronous message passing to send complex, structured data back and forth among distributed machines.

Unfortunately JavaScript was never designed to serve as a language to build advanced reliable and secure distributed applications. This has recently given rise to a number of language design initiatives that use the JavaScript infrastructure as an advanced virtual machine on top of which new web languages can be implemented.

We feel that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg on this subject and that many new language design initiatives will follow. The goal of the SCRIPT workshop (Secure Cloud and Reactive Internet Programming Technology) is to gather expert language designers and to let them present their view on the state of the art in this domain. SCRIPT is a workshop, not just a symposium, and the audience is more than welcome to actively engage with the speakers during and after the talks.