Advanced Media Project

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January 2003 to December 2005

The visionary context for this work was to provide an interactive media experience in which people no longer want to “sit back, relax, and consume the media”. Interactive media are the integration of a traditional content component (audio, video, …) with a behavioural component (software). Examples of such behavioural components are online gaming, quiz software, and virtual community worlds. The way in which this kind of software should be produced not only requires an advanced set of development tools but also a different view on development in general. Concretely we advocated a situation in which the interactive media producer writes down a high level specification (using a domain specific language) and pushes a button that automatically generates the corresponding software implementation(s) (using generative programming). All of this with special attention to the evolvability and reusability of the underlying generation system.
Topic: Software Automation and Knowledge Engineering Research Track.