Vacancy for Business Developer

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Vacancy : Business Developer

in the field of 

Software Technologies for Next-Generation ICT Platforms

 The Software Languages Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is hiring a business developer for 

• setting up and maintaining a new research track that consists of applied research projects in collaboration with industry (i.e. R&D projects), and

• developing and sustaining a portfolio of Contract Research with industry.

The Software Languages Lab (SOFT) is one of the largest research labs in Belgium in the domain of programming languages, programming technologies, and software engineering in general. The lab’s research has a strong focus on software for the “next-generation” ICT platforms (such as multi-core systems, cloud computing, rich internet applications, mobile apps, IoT, cyber-physical systems, etc). The lab counts 5 full-time professors, between 7 post-docs and 30 doctoral students with a civil engineering degree (or equivalent) in software engineering. The lab has a rich project portfolio that includes both completed and ongoing research projects. Until now, the bulk of these research projects has been either fundamental or so-called strategic in nature. Over the last 20 years, this has generated numerous conceptual insights, doctoral dissertations, expertise and technical software artefacts; a portfolio that needs to be taken to the next level: industrial applications. This will happen both (a) in the context of applied research projects that are executed jointly with industry (and partially subsidized), and (b) via contract research that is fully financed by industrial “clients”.

Your task will be to analyze and structure SOFT’s portfolio of results into a market-oriented vision and strategy the goal of which is the acquisition of  applied research projects defined jointly with industry, possibly partially financed by regional R&D funding agencies (e.g., VLAIO, Innoviris). You will actively manage and promote this portfolio with potential industrial partners, and try to define new applied research and contract research projects (including the financial aspect) while maintaining an active link with the ongoing research activities at the lab. You will actively build and manage a network of companies that are part of ongoing and potential future collaborations.


This position is part of the IOF (= Industrieel onderzoeksfonds) programme which provides research groups with sufficient critical mass and potential for applications, the possibility to set up a sustainable research track in application-oriented research. For more information on the IOF programme, see: 


We are looking for:

• A candidate with a master (or PhD) in a software-related field and with a strong track record in business development.

• Or, conversely, a master in a business-related field with a strong track record in software innovation and sufficient technical background to assess the contributions of our research.

• Bilingual NL/ENG. Knowledge of FR is an additional advantage.

• Ready to operate in a highly dynamic international team of young researchers.

The position is to be filled as soon as possible.

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Software Languages Lab
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Faculty of Sciences and Bio-Engineering Sciences

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