Florian Myter

Vrije Universiteit Brussel · Faculty of Sciences, DINF – SOFT · Pleinlaan 2 · 1050 Brussels, Belgium · fmyter@soft.vub.ac.be

I am a PhD student at the Software Languages Lab, which is part of the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.


In recent years we have witnessed an explosion in the amount of the internet connected devices and their applications (e.g. web applications, peer-to-peer systems, cloud-based applications). The majority of these applications are driven by external events. For example, in the case of a web application these events constitute http requests sent between client and server. Traditional software engineering approaches to deal with events, such as the observer pattern and callbacks, are known to have a number of deficiencies when it comes to code readability and maintainability. Moreover, they obfuscate the control flow of the program, a problem known as the callback hell.

Reactive programming languages have recently been proposed to solve the problems caused by callbacks and the observer pattern. They allow one to explicitly deal with time-varying values, while implicitly tracking the dependencies that arise between such values. Reactive programming (RP) thus allows the programmer to declaratively specify how values should be updated, while leaving the actual re-computation and bookkeeping necessary to update values to the language runtime.

However, these languages have mostly been applied in the context of user interfaces and client-side application development. My research focuses on the application of the reactive programming paradigm to distributed and concurrent applications. This research can be sub-divided into three overlapping categories:
  • Algorithms and theories underlying the propagation of change across distributed or concurrent entities
  • Design and implementation of distributed and concurrent reactive programming languages
  • Application of reactive systems to concrete problems (e.g. offline available collaborative applications)


Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Master of Science in Applied Sciences and Engineering: Computer Science
Software Engineering

Honors: summa cum laude

Thesis title: GraphFS: A Graph-Based Distributed File System

Thesis promotor: Prof. dr. Elisa Gonzalez Boix

Thesis Advisor: Dr.Christophe Scholliers

2012 - 2014

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Bachelor in Computer Sciences
Software Engineering

Honors: cum laude

2009 - 2012

Koninklijk atheneum Sint-Pieters-Woluwe (High School)

2003 - 2009