Near-Realtime Noise Pollution Measuring

Using NoiseTube, Google Earth and the Multi-Touch Midas Framework

Noise pollution is a serious problem in many cities. NoiseTube is a research project, started in 2008 at the Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris and currently hosted by the BrusSense Team at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, which proposes a participative approach for monitoring noise pollution by involving the general public. Our ambitious goal is to extend the current usage of mobile phones by turning them into noise sensors enabling citizens to measure their own exposure in their everyday environment. Furthermore each user can also participate in creating a collective map of noise pollution by sharing geolocalized measurement data with the NoiseTube community. NoiseTube,, 2011-2012

This demo application was showcased at the exhibit “Brussels Innovates” which ran from October 17 to 29 (2011) in the Woluwe Shopping Centre in Brussels. We will present this exhibition along with innovative actors in Brussels such as BMW Motors, Solar Impulse, PlantDesign, and others.

The near real-time interactive map can be found at –– (Note: takes a while to load. The application was meant for full-screen multi-touch tables).

Website powered by NoiseTube, Google Earth and the Midas Multi-Touch Framework.

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