Declarative Gesture Spotting using Inferred and Refined Control Points

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We propose a novel gesture spotting approach that offers a comprehensible representation of automatically inferred spatiotemporal constraints. These constraints can be defined between a number of characteristic control points which are automatically inferred from a single gesture sample. In contrast to existing solutions which are limited in time, our gesture spotting approach offers automated reasoning over a complete motion trajectory. Last but not least, we offer gesture developers full control over the gesture spotting task and enable them to refine the spotting process without major programming efforts.

Key components:

  • External Representation
  • Non-Subsequent Event Matching
  • Overlapping Submatches
  • Relaxed Spatiotemporal Constraints
  • Negation

Our technique can be applied to programming advanced gesture recognition for Multi-Touch, Full-Body (e.g. Kinect) and other multi-source event input.

Automatically Infer Control Points A State Machine Is Not Enough Incremental Evaluation Negation Summary

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