IntensiVE: document and verify program regularities


Today's software-intensive systems are continuously subjected to rapidly changing market demands, customer customisation requests and maintenance activities. Any system's sustainability and quality is directly dependent on the software's ability to keep pace with such changing requirements, technological infrastructures, business processes, legislation, and so on. Paradoxically, the constant flux of evolution and maintenance tasks that keeps a software system up-to-date also ages it. The software system's internal structure and quality deteriorates up to the point where its ability to adapt is crippled: any change to its implementation becomes costly and time-consuming.

The Intensional Views Environment (IntensiVE) is a tool suite aimed to prevent such a qualitative deterioration of a system's implementation. To this end, IntensiVE automatically verifies the conformance of a software system's source code to qualitative and project-specific architectural rules, design structures, coding conventions, and other so-called structural regularities. Integrated in a project's continuous development and maintenance lifecycle, IntensiVE monitors the internal quality of the system's implementation and reports violations to the aforementioned rules to developers and software architects early on, before the system's structure is crippled.

IntensiVE allows you to specify, check and manage project- or company-specific architectural rules (e.g. structures and protocols) that are otherwise only specified in soon outdated documents or that are only available in the heads of the developers.

More information

For more information about IntensiVE, or to download the latest version of this tool suite, we refer to its dedicated website: http:///