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Each Flockr contains following info :

  • list of its Flocks where it is registered.
    • Note: maybe it should be stored in the profile.
  • list of its Flocks.

A Flockr should have a local and remote interface. The remote interface is the entity that gets exported to the ambient which at least contains:

Flockr actually should be able to decide who can see him. How? maybe Profile?

The local interface receives the 3 types events from the discovery.

There should be a list of its friends Flockrs such that the Profile can be consulted offline. When a Flockr is connected for which there is a cached Profile, he should propagate the necessary changed events to make sure that both the cached Profile and the Flocks of the other Flockrs are updated.

  • xtof suggestion to implement this:
    • Make “cached” object abstraction. It is just a proxy object which forwards to the online version when it’s online, otherwise the catched version. Every update, replaces the cached version with a clone. In other words, keeps a cached object that gets updated when you are connected.
    • This abstraction could be used for any list of Flockrs that need offline Profile visualization. Maybe useful also for applications.


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