Prototype tools


Most prototype tools developed during the Cha-Q project have been open-sourced and are available online:

Cha-Q meta-model

The meta-model developed for Cha-Q defines a representation for various types of artefacts that are part of a software project: source code, bug reports, version control information, mailing lists, ... This makes it possible to query and reason about these artefacts in a more uniform manner. What sets this meta-model apart is its support for fine-grained changes between artefacts, which makes it a suitable platform for building change-aware tools.
Git repository:

Cha-Q search-and-replace

To automate the process of performing similar source code changes in multiple locations, we created a template-based program transformation tool. In other words, a tool with an expressive power similar to complex transformation languages, but with a much lower learning curve, closer to a simple search-replace dialog. This tool can be used in a variety of different situations: creating custom refactorings, fixing multiple occurrences of a bug, updating libraries/frameworks to newer versions, performing recurring maintenance tasks, etc.
Git repository:
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