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AmbientTalk Ambient-Oriented programming is a paradigm geared towards mobile computing. Mobile hardware (such as cell phones) is mostly equipped with wireless networking, allowing it to collaborate with nearby devices in its environment. However, because wireless network links are volatile (basically: when devices move out of wireless range, the connection drops), network failures occur much more frequently... REBLS
Aran Aran is a npm module for instrumenting JavaScript code which enables amongst other things: profiling, tracing, sandboxing, information-flow analysis, and symbolic execution. Aran performs a source-to-source code transformation largely compatible with ECMAScript2018 and fully compatible with ECMAScript5. As for any other npm module, Aran can be installed by running: npm install aran. The... CAMP
Chocola Chocola is a programming language made for concurrency and parallelism, providing futures, transactions, and actors. Using Chocola, these three concurrency models can be combined within the same application, and Chocola ensures the expected properties of each are maintained. Chocola is an extension of Clojure. You can download Chocola, find examples and more information at http://soft.vub.... BDP
ClojureTxTk ClojureTxTk is a fork of Clojure, in which its Software Transactional Memory is extended with support for Transactional Tasks. A "transactional task" is a thread that was created in a software transaction. Hence, ClojureTxTk allows you to create threads inside transactions, that allow you to modify the transactional state, while these changes are part of the encompassing transaction. BDP
Cloud PARTE Traffic monitoring or crowd management systems produce large amounts of data in the form of events that need to be processed to detect relevant incidents. Rule-based pattern recognition is a promising approach for these applications, however, increasing amounts of data as well as large and complex rule sets demand for more and more processing power and memory. In order to scale such... BDP
Ekeko Ekeko is a Clojure library for answering questions about and transforming Java programs. Among others, the library has been used extensively to find and automatically patch all occurrences of certain bugs. For such applications, Ekeko enables embedding logic queries in functional expressions. While the former have proven themselves for locating snippets of code in large programs,... CAMP