Past research projects

CODAMOS (10/2003 to 09/2007)

Topic: Context-Driven Adaptation of Mobile Services.

ASPECTLAB (01/2005 to 04/2007)

Topic: Aspect Oriented Software Development applied.

WIT-CASE (01/2005 to 02/2007)

Topic: Workflow Innovations, Technologies and Capabilities for Service-Enabling.

Arriba (10/2002 to 09/2006)

The aim of this project was to provide a methodology and its associated tools in order to support the integration of disparate business applications that have not necessarily been designed to coexist. Inspiration came from real concerns resulting from an investigative effort on the part of some of the research partners in this consortium; the object of the investigation was the identification of mainstream ICT problems with a representative forum of Belgian enterprises (large and small) that rely on information technology for their critical business activities. An overview of concrete research results can be found in the folder distributed on the project's closing event.
Topic: Architectural Resources for the Restructuring and Integration of Business Applications.

Advanced Media Project (01/2003 to 12/2005)

The visionary context for this work was to provide an interactive media experience in which people no longer want to “sit back, relax, and consume the media”. Interactive media are the integration of a traditional content component (audio, video, …) with a behavioural component (software). Examples of such behavioural components are online gaming, quiz software, and virtual community worlds. The way in which this kind of software should be produced not only requires an advanced set of development tools but also a different view on development in general. Concretely we advocated a situation in which the interactive media producer writes down a high level specification (using a domain specific language) and pushes a button that automatically generates the corresponding software implementation(s) (using generative programming). All of this with special attention to the evolvability and reusability of the underlying generation system.
Topic: Software Automation and Knowledge Engineering Research Track.

Scientific Research Network on Foundations of Software Evolution (01/2001 to 12/2005)

The goal of this FWO network was to come to a consistent set of formally-founded techniques and associated tools to support software developers with the common problems they encounter when developing large and complex software systems. The interdisciplinary character of the research network was reflected in the uniform use of mathematical formalisms as a foundation for concrete tools to support software evolution throughout the entire software development life-cycle. This resulted in formally founded tools for forward engineering, reverse engineering, re-engineering and team engineering.

A Formal Foundation for Software Refactoring (01/2002 to 12/2004)

The aim of this FWO-funded project was to provide a solid foundation for software refactoring through the development of a suitable formal model. Graph rewriting was explored as the basis of a lightweight model, facilitating the investigation of basic properties of refactoring, as well as the design of tools supporting the refactoring process.

MOSAIC (01/2002 to 12/2004)

Bilateral Research Project together with Alcatel partly funded by IWT Flanders.
Topic: Integrating Service Value Enablers in the Mosaic of Access and Edge Network Environments.

SEESCOA (10/1999 to 09/2003)

STWW project – Topproject ism KUL, RUG, LUC en PROG-VUB.
Topic: Software Engineering for Embedded Systems using a Component Approach.

Digital Platform VRT - MPEG Project (10/2001 to 09/2003)

The MPEG research project aimed to create a competence centre around MPEG in Flanders. It focused on developing a content management system allowing one to manage different kinds of multimedia. Part of the research investigated how existing multimedia can be converted into a digital format so as to enable broadcasting over already existing and future channels and platforms.

ADAPSIS (01/2000 to 12/2002)

IWT project ism Alcatel en Data4S.
Topic: Adaptation of IP Services based on Profiles.

Component Development and Product Assembly in a Software Factory Organisation, Process and Tools - SoFa (01/1999 to 12/2002)

Sofa was an IWT-funded research project performed in collaboration with EDS Belgium andMediaGenix.

3PSPP (01/2001 to 12/2002)

Bilateral Research Project together with Alcatel partly funded by IWT Flanders.
Topic: Processes and Tools for 3th party service provisioning for the PSS.

GeoObjects (01/1999 to 12/2001)

IWT project ism TeleAtlas.
Topic: Quality Assurance Mechanisms based on Business-rule Enabling Spatial Objects in Geographic Databases.

Multiservice Network Technologies (01/1999 to 12/2001)

ITA-II project - Generisch Basisonderzoek ism RUG, KUL, IMEC, UIA.
Topic: Service Engineering.