svpp 08
August 8-9, Brussels, Belgium
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The goal of this two-day symposium is to promote discussion about proper programming language support required to deal with software variability. Rather than ad hoc implementations of infrastructure to cope with software variability, we search for solutions that provide built-in support by either extending existing programming languages with the language features required, or creating completely new domain-specific languages.
invited speakers
james James Coplien
Gertrud & Cope, Software Architecture & Agile Consultant
robert Robert Hirschfeld
Hasso-Plattner Institut, Potsdam, Germany
Karl Karl Lieberherr
CCIS/PRL, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
oscar Oscar Nierstrasz
University of Berne, Switzerland
Adding variability to software applications puts an extra burden on the programmers. The support they currently rely on is either a set of basic object-oriented language instruments such as polymorphism and inheritance, or invasive and often heavy-weight implementation strategies such as product-line technology. In between these extremes a programmer needs to build his own infrastructure to deal with variability (e.g., by using design patterns). Initially, this infrastructure does not pose any threat to the system due to its limited capabilities. Yet as the system matures it suffers from several ad hoc extensions and fails to cover critical aspects such as consistency checking and metamodeling support. Therefore we argue in favor of providing variability support from within the programming language.


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August 8-9, svpp 08
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