This page lists the members of the DISCO research group at the Software Languages Lab at the VUB.

Prof. Dr. Elisa Gonzalez Boix

Head of the group

Distributed programming · Actors · Debugging · Reflection · Consistency

Dr. Angel Luis Scull Pupo

Post-doctoral researcher

Source code instrumentation · Web security · Dynamic analysis

Dr. Carmen Torres Lopez

Post-doctoral researcher

Concurrency · Debugging · Actor-based programming · Tooling

Dr. Matteo Marra

Post-doctoral researcher

Debugging · Big Data · Smalltalk · Parallelism

Isaac Nyabisa Oteyo

PhD student (Funded by VLIR-UOS)

Smart agriculture · Dataflow programming

Kevin De Porre

PhD student (Funded by FWO SB)

Replicated Data Types · Consistency

Jim Bauwens

PhD student (Funded by FWO SB)

Replication · Consistency · CRDTs · Memory Management

Carlos Rojas Castillo

PhD student

IoT · Debugging

Previous members