Tom Van Cutsem

Job Description

Professor (Docent)

Prior to joining the faculty I was a Post-doctoral Fellow of the Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders (FWO).

Research Description

My research domain is programming language technology, with a focus on concurrent, parallel and distributed systems.

My long-term research goal is to improve programmer productivity in developing parallel and distributed systems through the design of
new and improved programming languages and programming language features.

I am co-designer of the AmbientTalk distributed programming language, co-designer of the ECMAScript 6 Proxy API, designer of the traits.js Javascript library and co-designer of SchemeKen, a reliable distributed Scheme interpreter. I have a broad interest in programming languages.

Keywords: Software engineering, Programming Language Design & Implementation, Concurrent & Distributed Systems, Parallel Programming, Javascript, Object-oriented Programming, Web applications, Actors, Event-driven systems, Traits.

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