CRYPTASC: Advanced ICT Solutions to CRYPTography, Athentification, and Secure Communication: software engineering assisted quantum technology

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January 2007 to December 2010

Information and communication technologies have become ubiquitous in today's society, with the dramatic development of networks such as the Internet and the highly increasing availability of personal computers in the households. At the same time, another scientific revolution is on its way, although less known to the general public as it is less directly visible, namely the emergence of quantum technologies, especially in the area of telecommunication. The present proposal lies at the border between these two disciplines, and aims at exploring the promises of quantum technologies within the context of cryptographic applications. The resulting concept of "quantum cryptography", which has been intensively investigated in many universities and research centers for about one decade, is now becoming a commercial reality, with several spin-off companies in the world selling quantum cryptographic products (id-Quantique, MagiQ Technologies, ...). The objective of the present proposal within the ICT Impulse Program is to build on this emerging quantum technology, and strengthen the expertise of the Brussels region in quantum cryptography in a large sense, ranging from the theoretical concepts to the valorisation aspects and the identification of potential industrial partners. This requires a know-how that is particularly broad, naturally including cryptography and quantum information sciences on the fundamental research side, but also an experience in identifying the potential applications of new technologies and more generally in the valorisation of the research outcomes.