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Download and Install AmbientTalk


:at:qtek_small.png AmbientTalk is a contemporary distributed programming language. It is an ambient-oriented programming language, which means that it is particularly geared towards developing next-generation distributed software which has to run on mobile devices (such as cellular phones or PDAs) deployed on open, ad hoc wireless networks. At its core, AmbientTalk uses a prototype-based object model for building abstractions. Its distribution and concurrency facilities are heavily inspired by the actor model. Current implementations are available for the Java J2SE and J2ME (PocketPC) platforms. This page provides access to the latest version of AmbientTalk, and gives some instructions on how to deploy it on your desktop or PDA.

AmbientTalk on a Desktop Computer

AmbientTalk consists of two JAR files.

Core Contains the core of the AmbientTalk evaluator, which interprets the AmbientTalk language.

Desktop Contains the J2SE Swing interface for running AmbientTalk on a desktop machine. Once both files are downloaded into a single directory on your machine you may simply run java -jar ambienttalkdt.jar (Or typically you may also double-click on this JAR file)

AmbientTalk on a PDA or Smartphone

AmbientTalk is developed to run on a virtual machine that supports the J2ME CDC Personal Profile 1.0. For our experiments we have deployed AmbientTalk on top of IBM’s J9 virtual machine, but the implementation of AmbientTalk does not require any of the libraries that are specific to this virtual machine. AmbientTalk for PDAs and SmartPhones also consists of two JAR files.

ambienttalk.jar Contains the core of the AmbientTalk evaluator, which interprets the AmbientTalk language.

ambienttalkppc.jar Contains the J2ME AWT interface for running AmbientTalk on a PDA. (Note that this version may be tested as well on a desktop machine, since no native GUI components are used)

Once both files are downloaded, transfer them to your device and launch the PocketPC frontend. Using the J9 virtual machine the following shortcut is needed : “\Program Files\J9\PPRO10\bin\j9w.exe” “-jcl:ppro10” “-cp” “\AmbientTalk\ambienttalkppc.jar” “edu.vub.picoo.process.AmbientTalk”

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