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This page provides an ovberview of the presentations we have prepared related to Ambient-Oriented Programming. A pdf version of each set of slides is available, together with a brief abstract describing it.

Ambient-Oriented Programming : The First Milestone

This talk introduces ambient-oriented programming, a novel and exciting paradigm addressing ad hoc networks of mobile devices. The talk first introduces the most fundamental characteristics of such mobile devices, and continues to show how to deal with them in current-day programming languages. This typically involves using particular programming idioms to deal with e.g. communication and discovery. However, most of these idioms are either cumbersome to use in practice, or are ill-supported by the current technology.

Subsequently, we present AmbientTalk along with a set of language constructs geared specifically towards expressing idioms for communication and discovery in a meaningful way. The ambient-oriented programming paradigm is finally presented as the general foundation underlying the language constructs AmbientTalk offers to deal with asynchronous communication and discovery.

Presented : DCC - University of Chile (Santiago de Chile) Aug-17-2006

PDF Version

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