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Developing web applications needs to be about programming logic and not about writing glue code to overcome the impedance mismatch between different technologies for the different tiers (client, server, database). Stip.js allows programmers to write their code as one single artifact, in one single language, JavaScript. Using annotations inside comments, the programmer can guide the tier split and handle concerns like failure handling, remote communication, etc.


Program analysis for JavaScript to construct a Program Dependence Graph.

Tier split

Compute the best placement of the web slices and split the tierless program to the actual tiers of the distributed program


Program transformation to JavaScript on the server and JavaScript on the client.

Try it out

This is a first prototype of the tier splitting tool Stip.js.(tested on Chrome and Firefox).
When the cursor is placed inside left editor: [mac]Cmd + s for tier split, Cmd + k for CPS transformation,
[other]: Ctrl + s for tier split, Ctrl + k for CPS transformation

Your JavaScript code:


Web slice distribution
Detailed report

Learn {}

tierless JavaScript with annotations

Write your distributed web applicatin in plain JavaScript. Annotations, inside comments, are actually developer hints that influence the tier-splitting process. The most important building blocks of the tierless or multi-tier applications are slices: units of code.

Location Communication Data Sharing Failure Handling
@config @reply @local @useHandler
@slice @broadcast @copy @defineHandler
@client @blocking @observable
@server @remoteCall @replicated
Block statement Function/call exp Declaration/ constructor function Block statement/call exp

Search-based Tier Assignment

A recommender system computes the best placement of the slices, with respect to one or more concerns. For example, the system can try to maximise the offline availability of the application. The recommender systems returns a report on how the application can be improved to obtain a better result.


Learn how to write the Uni-corn application here.


  • Towards Tierless Web Development without Tierless Languages.
    Laure Philips, Coen De Roover, Tom Van Cutsem and Wolgang De Meuter
    Onward! '14. ACM, 2014. link

  • Tierless Programming in JavaScript.
    Laure Philips, Wolfgang De Meuter and Coen De Roover.
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  • Dependence-Driven Delimited CPS Transformation for JavaScript.
    Laure Philips, Joeri De Koster, Wolfgang De Meuter and Coen De Roover
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Poster at ICSE'15

Poster at Ecoop'16



STiP.js makes use of Jipda, a JavaScript Introspective Pushdown Analysis. Based on this analysis, we construct a distributed program dependency graph.

Communication Library

For Node.js we use the asyncCall library for remote communication. This library has a high configurability and a variety of failure handling mechanisms.


Redstone, an HTML templating system on top of stip.js. Transforms to reactive HTML and JavaScript.

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lphilips [at] vub.ac.be