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Foundations of Software Evolution

January 1, 2001 - December 31, 2005

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The mailing list for the participants of the Scientific Research Network is

There is also a Wiki that can be used to share evolution network related information. For obvious reasons, the user name and password cannot be mentioned here. You can get it by asking one of the network members that didn't forget his password.

Short description of the scientific goals

Numerous scientific studies of large-scale software systems have shown that the bulk of the total software-development cost is devoted to software maintenance. This is mainly due to the fact that software systems need to evolve continuously to cope with the ever-changing software requirements. Today, this is more than ever the case. Nevertheless, existing tools that try to provide support for evolution issues are far from ideal. They are typically developed in an ad-hoc fashion, making them not generally applicable, not scalable, or difficult to integrate with other tools. The goal of this research network is to come to a consistent set of formally-founded techniques and associated tools to support software developers with the common problems they encounter when developing large and complex software systems.

The interdisciplinary character of the research network is reflected in the uniform use of mathematical formalisms as a foundation for concrete tools to support software evolution. This cross fertilisation between mathematics and computer science is intended to lead to more robust tools that are more generally applicable without sacrificing efficiency. Another important issue is that we will not restrict ourselves to a particular phase of the software life-cycle. Instead, we will focus on techniques that are generally applicable throughout the entire software development life-cycle.

The research network will focus on tools for:

The driving force guiding the work will be the search for formally supported techniques which are applicable in all above cases. Therefore we will investigate:

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