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Software Languages Lab PhD dissertations

  • Extracting Library Features from Incomplete Code on Stack Overflow.
    Camilo Velázquez-Rodríguez, 2024 
  • DisCoPar-Kilimo: A Low-Code Development Environment Geared Towards Smart Agriculture Applications.
    Isaac Nyabisa Oteyo, 2024 Download
  • Inter-process Concolic Testing of Full-stack JavaScript Web Applications.
    Maarten Vandercammen, 2023 Download
  • When Sequential Code Meets Replicated Data: Programming Language Support to Simplify the Development of Correct Replicated Data Types.
    Kevin De Porre, 2022 Download
  • A Meta-Level Architecture for Stream-Based Programming Languages and its Applications in Cyber-Physical Systems
    Christophe De Troyer, 2022 Download
  • On the Coexistence of Reactive Code and Imperative Code in Distributed Applications: A Language Design Approach
    Sam Van den Vonder, 2022 Download
  • A Live Debugging Approach for Big Data Processing Applications
    Matteo Marra, 2022 Download
  • Orchestration of Actor-based Languages for Cyber-physical Systems
    Humberto Rodriguez Avila, 2021 Download
  • Advanced Debugging Techniques to Handle Concurrency Bugs in Actor-based Applications
    Carmen Torres Lopez, 2021 Download
  • Language-Based Security for Web Applications
    Angel Luis Scull Pupo, 2021 
  • An Automated Delta-Debugging Approach to Resilience Testing of Actor Systems through Fault Injection
    Jonas De Bleser, 2020. Download
  • Triumvirate: A Programming Language Design for Distributed Rich Internet Applications
    Florian Myter, 2019 Download
  • Statically Checking Inter-property Constraints and its Applications in Web APIs
    Nathalie Oostvogels, 2019 Download
  • A Distributed Logic Reactive Programming Model and its Application to Monitoring Security
    Thierry Renaux, 2019 Download
  • A Multi-Paradigm Concurrent Programming Model
    Janwillem Swalens, 2018 Download
  • DISCOPAR: A Visual Reactive Flow-Based Domain-Specific Language for Constructing Participatory Sensing Platforms
    Jesse Zaman, 2018 Download
  • Reentrancy & Scoping in Rule Engines for Cloud-based Applications
    Kennedy Kambona, 2018 Download
  • Scalable Designs for Abstract Interpretation of Concurrent Programs: Application to Actors and Shared-Memory Multi-Threading
    Quentin Stiévenart, 2018 Download
  • Using multiple Feature Models of Domains and Regulations to develop Configuration Systems
    Jaime Chavarriaga, 2017 Download
  • A Declarative Foundation for Querying the History of Software Projects
    Reinout Stevens, 2017 Download
  • Purity Analysis for Higher-Order Imperative Languages: An Abstract Machine Approach
    Jens Nicolay, 2016 Download
  • Just-in-Time Data Structures: A Language Design Approach to Promote the Shift from Choosing a Single Data Structure to Choosing a Set of Data Representations
    Mattias De Wael, 2016 Download
  • Blame Prediction: Early Detection of Type Errors in Dynamically Typed Programming Languages
    Dries Harnie, 2015 Download
  • A Declarative Approach for Engineering Multimodal Interaction
    Lode Hoste, 2015 Download
  • Domains: Language Abstractions for Controlling Shared Mutable State in Actor Systems
    Joeri De Koster, 2015 Download
  • Identification and Management of Inconsistencies in Dynamically Adaptive Software Systems
    Nicolás Cardozo, 2013 Download
  • Uniform Modularization of Workflow Concerns using Unify
    Niels Joncheere, 2013 Download
  • Ambient Contracts
    Christophe Scholliers, 2013 Download
  • Workflow Abstractions for Orchestrating Services in Nomadic Networks
    Eline Philips, 2013 Download
  • Supporting Concurrency Abstractions in High-level Language Virtual Machines
    Stefan Marr, 2013 Download
  • Reactive Method Dispatch for Context-Oriented Programming
    Engineer Bainomugisha, 2012 Download
  • A foundation for quantum programming and its highly-parallel virtual execution
    Yves Vandriessche, 2012 Download
  • Handling Partial Failures in Mobile Ad hoc Network Applications: From Programming Language Design to Tool Support
    Elisa Gonzalez Boix, 2012 Download
  • Supporting Integration Activities in Object-Oriented Applications
    Veronica Uquillas Gomez, 2012 Download
  • Community memories for sustainable societies: The case of environmental noise
    Matthias Stevens (BrusSense), 2012 Download | More info
  • Ambient-Oriented Dataflow Programming for Mobile RFID-Enabled Applications
    Andoni Lombide Carreton, 2011 Download
  • Quantum Aspects of Cryptography: From Qutrit Symmetric Informationally Complete Projective Operator Valued Measure Key Encryption to Randomness Quality Control
    Frederik Vandenberghe, 2011
  • Modularising Context Dependency and Group Behaviour in Ambient-oriented Programming
    Jorge Vallejos, 2011 Download
  • A non-invasive approach for evolving Model Transformation Chains
    Andrés Yie, 2011 Download
  • Executable Models for Extensible Workflow Engines
    Mario Sánchez, 2011 Download
  • Dynamic Parallelization of Recursive Code - An exploration using interpreters
    Charlotte Herzeel, 2010
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Workflow Applications: A Domain-specific Language Approach
    Oscar González, 2010 Download
  • A Logic Meta Programming Foundation for Example-Driven Pattern Detection in Object-Oriented Programs
    Coen De Roover, 2009 Download
  • A bottom-up approach to program variation
    Peter Ebraert, 2009 Download

PROG PhD dissertations

  • On the Separation of User Interface Concerns - A Programmer's Perspective on the Modularisation of User Interface Code
    Sofie Goderis, 2008
  • Ambient References: Object Designation in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
    Tom Van Cutsem, 2008
  • Co-Evolution of Source Code and the Build System: Impact on the Introduction of AOSD in Legacy Systems
    Bram Adams, 2008
  • A Goal-Driven Approach for Documenting and Verifying Design Invariants
    Isabel Michiels, 2007
  • Modularizing Language Constructs: A Reflective Approach
    Thomas Cleenewerck, 2007
  • Maintaining Causality between Design Regularities and Source Code
    Andy Kellens, 2007
  • Aspect oriented revitalisation of legacy software through logic meta-programming
    Kris De Schutter, 2006
  • Advanced Round-Trip Engineering: An Agile Analysis-driven Approach for Dynamic Languages
    Ellen Van Paesschen, 2006
  • A Concept-Centric Environment for Software Evolution in an Agile Context
    Dirk Deridder, 2006
  • Ambient-Oriented Programming
    Jessie Dedecker, 2006
  • Modularizing Advanced Transaction Management
    Johan Fabry, 2005
  • Integrative Composition of Program Generators
    Johan Brichau, 2005
  • Move Considered Harmful: A Language Design Approach to Mobility and Distribution for Open Networks
    Wolfgang De Meuter, 2004
  • Progressive Mobility
    Luk Stoops, 2004
  • Creation of an Intelligent Concurrency Adaptor in order to mediate the Differences between Conflicting Concurrency Interfaces
    Werner Van Belle, 2003
  • Automated Support For Framework-Based Software Evolution
    Tom Tourwé, 2002
  • A Logic Meta-Programming Approach to Support the Co-Evolution of Object-Oriented Design and Implementation
    Roel Wuyts, 2001
  • Automating Architectural Conformance Checking by means of Logic Meta Programming
    Kim Mens, 2000
  • Multi-Paradigm Design
    James O. Coplien, 2000
  • A Formal Foundation for Object-Oriented Software Evolution
    Tom Mens, 1999
  • A Novel Approach to Architectural Recovery in Evolving Object-Oriented Systems
    Koen De Hondt, 1998
  • Type-Oriented Logic Meta Programming
    Kris De Volder, 1998
  • Documenting Reuse and Evolution with Reuse Contracts
    Carine Lucas, 1997
  • ZYPHER - Tailorability as a Link from Object-Oriented Software Engineering to Open Hypermedia
    Serge Demeyer, 1996
  • Open Design of Object-Oriented Languages, A Foundation for Specialisable Reflective Language Frameworks
    Patrick Steyaert, 1994

SSEL PhD dissertations

  • María Agustina Cibrán (2007)
    Connecting High-Level Business Rules with Object-Oriented Applications: An approach using Aspect-Oriented Programming and Model-Drive Engineering.
    Promotors: V. Jonckers and Maja D'Hondt
    Download text in pdf
  • Bart Verheecke (2006)
    Dynamic Integration, Composition, Selection and Management of Web Services in Service-Oriented Applications : An approach using Aspect-Oriented Programming.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers
    Download text in pdf
  • Ragnhild Van Der Straeten (2005)
    Inconsistency Management in Model-Driven Engineering: An Approach using Description Logics.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers
    Download text in pdf
  • Wim Vanderperren (2004)
    Combining Aspect-Oriented and Component-Based Software Engineering.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers.
    Download text in pdf
  • Maja D'Hondt (2004)
    Hybrid Aspects for Integrating Rule-Based Knowledge and Object-Oriented Functionality.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers.
    Download text in pdf
  • Bart Wydaeghe (2001)
    Component Composition using Composition Patterns and Scenarios.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers.
    Download text in pdf
  • Kurt Verschaeve (2001)
    UML – SDL Round-trip Engineering through Incremental Translation of Changes.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers.
    Download text in pdf
  • Kamreddine Ouliddren (1998)
    An Approach to Incermental Fuzzy Modelling of Dependencies in Complex Physical Systems.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers, Co-Promotor: A. Nowé.
  • Ann Nowé (1994)
    The synthesis of “safe” fuzzy controllers based on reinforcement learning.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers.
  • Ludo Cuypers (1993)
    From Specification to Implementation.
    Promotor: V. Jonckers.